Question about External hard drive for Lap top

My external hard drive does not work on my lap top anymore??? Any suggetions as to why?

Hello, did you change the USB cable? Have you changed the USB port? Have you tried connecting it to a different computer? What kind of drive do you have.

What OS are you using and does the drive show in Disk Management and have a letter?

Hello, I have tried what you mentioned except to try another computer, and will do that also. In answer to what drive, the only thing on the box says WD Elements…plus another saying 320 GB/Go…and Simply Affordable, tout simplement…just mentioned all that as it does not say anything like you ask…it is an external hard drive is all I can figure… Thank you.

I do not know what a OS is…and I got into Disk Management but no success there…but I shall go back and look if it showed and also a letter…Thank you.

Well I had a look and in the Port hole box it had a ! exclamation which said it did not recognize plug in…or something similar.