Question about extensions and using your own artwork

I have about 500 movies with a mix of BR/DVD Rips. I love that when I use the “get info” feature it removes the .mkv and .avi extensions from the titles (drives me nuts) 

How can I do that manually for my TV shows that don’t show up using that feature, or if they do the name is not how I want it.

Also, can someone tell me how to find the DVD version of the psd template that you drag your cover in and make your own cover as well as how to get the new cover I created to replace the one the WD program found over the internet?

Thanks everyone 

Check out the Sticky Post at the top of this forum.

Thank you!, how do i get that program? I didn’t see a link anywhere. Also any idea where I can find the DVD case template?

The link at the bottom that says DOWNLOAD HERE :wink:

I just found it! Thank you very much. I’m gonna give it a go

How do I add my own artwork to this, it doesn’t want to let me do that

I used that tool and created the xml file, but the file still shows up .avi or.mkv. How do I get it to say the file name only?

What version of firmware are you using?

The newest version, it updates automatically. 

… then the title should be showing whatever is in the XML file…   Don’t know why it wouldn’t be…