Question about data not shown on Live Dua 4TB


I have a question about something i wasn’t hoping for on my NAS. 1 of the two harddrives stopped working, i took it out, opened it and it seemed that the arm of the drive was stuck on the disk. I moved it back to the place it belongs, put back the drive in the NAS, powered it on and read it on the PC pretty fast. I was pretty happy then until it didnt show the data that should be there, but only the default maps under public (where my data also should be). Just 3gb of the 4TB (spanning) was used. I think/hope my data must still be on the disk but have no idea how i can make it visible again, does anyone happen to know this and share it?



If the arm on the disk was stuck once, it will get stuck again in the future. Same yourself lot of pain now by getting a new drive for that slot. To recover your data, take the drive out and connect with SATA to your Linux PC.