Question about Backup on Dashboard

I have three options, Backup USB, Backup to external source and internal jobs.

Option #1 - Backup to USB does not contain an ability to schedule???
Option #3 - Internal Backups. Does contain a schedule feature but…
If the connected USB is seen as a share under “Shares”

Then why does it not show up as a destination target in Option #3 Internal Backups???

I’m reading the manual under chapter 10 for 2.xx software and no where does it mention how to schedule a backup from NAS to USB?

Why not have a scheduler??? Am I missing something??? Why wouldn’t I want to automate backup’s to a USB device plugged directly into the WD My Cloud???

Hello, to answer your questions:[quote=“Paul_Girolamo, post:1, topic:148729”]
Option #1 - Backup to USB does not contain an ability to schedule???

No, USB Backup does not contain the ability to schedule a backup, you can manually click the “play” button which will start the backup or you can set a cron job via SSH to automatically start the backup, like I mentioned on another thread, you can do a simple search for this and it should show.

It doesn’t show up because even as a share is a share that can be removed and the internal backup is only to backup one volume to another for redundancy.

You are not missing anything, however as this feature has not being implemented you can post your idea in the cloud ideas sections in the same board.