Question about 5.1

I am not really an audiophile etc so this is probably something obvious that I just never encountered. Also, not an issue as it happened on vacation.

I brought my HUB with me on vacation with a few external drives. I hooked up the HUB to the TV that they had in the condo via HDMI cable, and all my music worked fine. I found though as the vacation went on, that some of my movies, mostly ones that I ripped to ISO had no sound. I checked the audio output on the HUB and each of the movies only had one option. Some movies worked fine, mostly MPEGs and AVIs. After a while I realized that the TV (not hooked to a stereo) would not play sound for movies that were ripped for 5.1, but worked fine for AAC etc. I did check the TV Setup on the remote to see if there was something I could do in the settings but was unable to figure anything out, and to be honest, as it was vacation I really didn’t put much effort into solving it.

Like I said, home now and all is working fine on my home setup, but was a bit mystified. Like I said, not much of an audio guy so don’t really understand the difference in all these formats. My home setup just goes HDMI to the TV, and then the TV to the Stereo, which I am sure is heretical to some of you here but works fine for my needs.

So, thoughts just to sate my own curiosity?


Did you change the AUDIO MODE on the Hub to “Stereo?”  Or did you leave it set to Digital Passthrough?

If you left it on Digital Passthrough, then the TV would need to have had a Dolby Digital or DTS decoder.   Most I’ve seen have Dolby decoders, but few that I’ve seen have DTS decoders.

Thanks Tony, that was it. Honestly I had no idea what I was doing and have never messed with the audio setup, just always seemed to work. Checked it now and it’s set to pass through. I since my setup goes from HDMI straight to my TV (and then to the stereo), must mean that my TV has a DTS decoder?

Anyways, thanks for answering my question, and now I’ll know what to do next time I take the HUB on the road with me.


pearl wrote:

…since my setup goes from HDMI straight to my TV (and then to the stereo), must mean that my TV has a DTS decoder?

It depends.  It may be that your TV is one of the few that supports passthrough of HDMI to OPTICAL.  Which is a nice feature for the ones that have it…