Question about 4TB or larger drives

One of my older 2TB drives that was running Windows 10 Pro 64 bit seems to have crashed. My data had been backed up via carbonite and they are sending a disk with an encrypted copy of my files. I’d like to use a larger drive (4tb) and my BIOS supports booting from GPT formatted drives. My questions are as follows:

  1. Are these larger drives GPT formatted?
  2. If my OS drive has failed, but I have a disk to install, can a new 4TB drive be connected and will it necessarily be recognized and written in the absence of an OS?

Drives over 2TB must be GPT unless partitioned into multiple logical drives.

Your PC’s BIOS must support UEFI in order to BOOT from a GPT-formatted disk.

I’m having the same issue except my 2T MBR formatted Win7x64 drive is almost full and I bought a WD 4T partitioned it with a single partition (aside from the 100 MB system partition), set the drive as GPT, set the BIOS to boot UEFI, and tried cloning the drive with AOMEI Pro . I’ve removed the 2T and all I get is a “no operating system available” message on boot.

FYI: I’ve tried replacing the 2T drive and ran Windows Rescue and somehow it swapped the drives making the SATA1 drive Disk1 and the SATA2 drive Disk0? So now I’m royally screwed!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!