Query on using live hub with Logitech z5500 DTS 5.1 question

hi I am thinking of buying a wd live hub for my new cinema room and I have a question regarding its working with my z5500 logitech speakers.

The speakers have an optical input and are THX certified and have built in decoding you can see the specs on the following link - here

  • 500-watt RMS, THX®-certified, integrated hardware decoding for true 5.1 digital sound
  • Built-in hardware decoding for Dolby® Digital & DTS®

what I want to ask is that I will be streaming HD mkv files from my computer, if connected to projector through hdmi and z5500 through optical from the wd live hub will I get full hd 5.1 surround audio output through my speakers?

Thanks in advance


Yes.  You can do that.