Queries regarding storage of Archival HDD's

In my work, I have to copy data on HDD and need to store it for longer duration say 1 or 2 years.

I had some queries about storing Archival HDD’s.

  1. When I store HDD’s for a large duration, e.g. 1 year, do the HDD gets damaged ? Does the mechanism in the HDD freeze ?
  2. How do the dealers store their HDD in this scenario ? Do they also stock HDD for long duration ?
  3. To avoid the HDD getting damaged, should the HDD’s be stored in AC room or only dustfree room or in wooden cupboards ?
  4. If we have to store HDD for more than 1 year, what all precautions should we take ? Do we have to connect each & every HDD after fixed time interval to a PC ? how shoud be the checking process ?



I had an old video editing computer that I hadn’t used in probably 10 years.  I finally decided to fire it up and see if it would even work.  It did.  So, I’ve put it back to work, with the same drive and everything. 

We don’t test for long term storage on our drives.  In my opinion, if you keep it sealed in a static bag, wrapped in some bubble wrap, stored inside protected from the elements, movement, and anything magnetic, it should last those two years.  I’d always make multiple backups as well. 

I have externals that I keep data on, and it isn’t unusual for them to sit for a year before I fire them up.  I’ve yet to have problems with them, but I also keep them stored in protective bags away from moisture also. 

There are no guarantees, though.  You just do what you gotta do to give it the best chance of lasting.