Quality Service

Contrary to some stories on this site I have had exemplary service from WD.

In the process of beginning to move house, and getting rid of some of my redundant electronic waste, I think I inadvertently sent the power adapter for my My Book 1tb drive to the recyclers. When I contacted WD a replacement was organised and I received it today after just a week or so, and they did not charge.

As for the software people are complaining about, I just don’t use such software. I transfer my libraries to hard drives twice so that I have the originals, a backup at home and an off-site backup. I do not see the point in backing up the entire system when programs can be reloaded from original discs. Also, I set this up to operate when I am doing something else so that all the computer has to do is transfer files.

I now have 2 WD My Book 1tb drives and 1 320 passport. I am now planning to turn all of my paper documents (newspaper clipping, magazine articles, journal papers) into searchable PDF files and I believe I will stick with WD. I also have 2 320 Seagate drives which have been working fine but I think WD offers better value for money.

I have been using PC’s since they were introduced in the early 1980s and in that whole time, and this was most recently for my Compaq laptop, have I had just one hard drive die on me. It was no drama though. Fixed in a week, I had my programs and documents to reinstall which cost a little bit of time but overall most things worked well.

Bad experiences can always be a problem, but I think they can happen with any manufacturer. If you have an issue with someone like WD do not let it slide. Make sure you get the service you deserve as a VIP, that is a customer!

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We need new firmware for all WD-TV  Media Player