Quality of forum

The people here are nice I am sure but this is the worst forum I have ever been to.  I am really sorry too because it could be a lot of help.  I was notified that I had a private message so I signed in but where was it?  Maybe it was there but with  a blue background and white letters anyone with poor eyesight like me is out of luck.  I appreciate the trouble the person went to to answer my question but I have a solution which is I cant use this 3 TB HD with Sony Movie maker  because  It crashes the progrsm or it just stops working.  The only good thing was the chapka or what ever is easy to use. But I wont be using it again. 

Hi, I am a forum moderator, so let’s see how we can improve your experience on the WD community so far. To find your private messages, click on the white envelope icon in the upper-right part of your screen, if you are having difficulties finding it, check the picture below. 

Thank you for your reply.  I should be able to find it with your info.  but your blue back ground with white letters is not good for some.  No matter how much you adjust your display.  I know old black and white is not exotic or new but it works. I will now go over and see my private message.    

Thanks for the critique (and I mean that sincerely).  We have started working on reskinning the community.  Hopefully, it won’t take long. 

The capta is a real pain. All you need to do is insist a pw that is, say, 8 characters in length and has an upper case and lower case, plus numbers. This is what most security companies use for their employees. What makes this forum so paranoid?

We’re not being paranoid.  We’re just to trying to minimize spam.