QNAP NAS and the WD1003 - Compatible?


I have been running a QNAP 2-bay NAS in RAID 1 for some time, but recently had a drive failure - long story trying to get back to normal on the NAS that I won’t bore you with - but I would like to check your view on this.

QNAP say that the WD1003FBYZ & WD1003FBYX drives I have installed in the NAS are not suitable for RAID 1 use;

“You should not be using WD Blacks in any QNAP NAS, as they are not suitable for RAID use.”

Do you agree?



Welcome to the Community.

I would recommend WD Red drives as they have been tested to be compatible with select QNAP devices. This is not the case with WD Black drives as WD does not support this line of hard drives outside desktop/laptop use.

For a detailed list of NAS enclosres/tested with the WD Red family of hard drives please visit the following link:



Thanks Trancer - I have ordered a couple of Red drives from Amazon, so will cycle them into the NAS.