Q: When is a backup not a backup? A: When it only contains folders and no files

I’m using WD Sync to backup a Windows 7 computer to a WD My Cloud disk on a home network. When I look at the backup directories on the device (e.g. My Pictures) I can see the folders, including the most recent ones have been created but they are empty. There are lots of files (e.g. photos) in the folders on the computer but none are being saved to the backup device.
I’ve looked through the options in WD Sync but can’t find anything that suggests the reason that it is ignoring the files.
Unless I can find a solution I either throw away my WD drive or try to find alternative software that will support the drive properly. Any ideas?

@cmanford For a backup plan you may want to try WD SmartWare or some other backup app. SmartWare will backup your computer to your My Cloud and WD Sync works to keep any changes you make to what you want synced up to date as you make changes on all your devices that you have it installed on.

See downloads to get SmartWare.