Q: WD Wireless Pro, WD My Cloud App IOS, multiple file transfer

I use the WD My Passport Wireless Pro and on my IPad the
WD My Cloud App.
As you know, photo raw files (*.nef) are not shown as thumbnails
within the app. But it can be transferred to e.g. IOS GoodReader.
Within GoodReader they can be opened.

Now my problem:
If I want to transfer and open several marked files within GoodReader,
only the first marked raw file within My Cloud will be transfered to
GoodReader and will be opened there.
The other marked files were not transfered and ignored.

I’m am doing something wrong or is it a bug?


Does it work well if you mark and open one file at a time?

Thank you für reply!

When I highlight a file, I can open it, transfer it to Dropbox or to
Fotos of my IPad.

When I mark several files, without that one was previously highlighted,
always the first file in the listing will be transfered to Dropbox,
Fotos of my IPad or opens e.g. with Snapseed, the marked
files are ignored.

It is strange, I try so many options, but I can not transfer
multiple marked files.