Q> WD TV Live Plus "No HDMI Detected" on my Projector

Hi Guys!


my WD TV Live Plus is not working on my Projector, it boots up fine but after the start-up logo it says “No HDMI Signal Detected”…

Set-up is…

WD TV Live PLus ==> Yamaha RX-V467 Receiver ==> BenQ W500 PJ

Anyone else experienced this? Is there a certain HDMI Cable that is needed when using the WD TV Live plus on a Receiver?

Things i will try at home:
1.i’ll try to update the FW tonight, hope it solves the problem…

  1. Plug the HDMI directly to the WD TV Live Player and see if it will work.

Got it working!

Need to manually set the WD TV Live to “720p” in order for the Projector/Receiver to detect it.