[Q] Streaming content from PC to WD TV Live Hub on linux

I have WD TV Live Hub with last firmware (3.03.16).

In documentation written:
“Play your media from your computer – This media center is Windows® 7
compatible, so you can use the “Play To” feature to easily stream your Windows 7
computer’s files to your TV through your media center.*”

I tried use this and it works.

I have a following question. How can i use this feature under linux? Can i use VLC player for this? Or may be i must install some DLNA server on my linux machine?
I need to stream audio from PC to WD TV Live Hub with able to adjust the volume from PC.

The “Play to” functionality uses the Digital Media Controller (DMC) of DLNA in Win 7. The hub acts as the Digital Media Renderer (DMR) in this case. This permits the “push” capability you want to use.> It looks like there’s one open source Linux DMC called  gUPnP. You might want to try that one for your Linux machine.> The DMC/DMR is kind of an interesting thing in DLNA but it’s not well supported. The Digital Media Server (DMS) and Digital Media Player (DMP) concept has barely settled down itself in recent years. Basically, that’s the portion of DLNA that most people use when “pulling” music from their server for their TV or media player.  For a while, devices were DMS/DMP DLNA compatible but they couldn’t interoperate well.> It’s possible you could use a Samba share on the Linux box and have Win 7’s media center pull from the Linux box and push to the hub. You could give that a spin but it requires having 2 computers on. Not exactly what you’re looking for but it’s probably easier than getting DMC going in Linux. In this case, you don’t need anything DLNA-specific on the Linux box. A generic Samba share sould suffice.> IMO, the Play to feature on the hub isn’t of great use as TV speakers are so-so for music anyway. Although they should be better than laptop speakers. Using an A/V receiver as a DMR is a better choice if you have a receiver that supports it.