Q: SmartWare sync - old external HDDs, new PC

Hi, guys,

I’ve been searching for an answer for more than an hour and couldn’t find anything. Maybe you can help me?

So here’s a situation:

I have 2 Gb WD external HDD as my primary source to store data (videos, pictures, documents, etc.). I connect it to my laptop and save files to it. I also have 4 Gb WD My Book external storage to backup my data. All the data is backed up.

However, I recently got a new laptop (but the external drives are “old” ones) and need to synchronize the backup on My Book with the external HDD. I no loneger have the old laptop.

So the question is: is there a way to so that SmartWare recognizes that the files on external HDD are backed up on My Book? Or in other words is there a way to synchronize the external HDD and My Book without making a new backup?

Or I have to delete the old backup files on My Book and back up everything from the external drive again? It would really **bleep** as I would have to wait several days… And the files are identical on both drives now. So there’s no point in backing up everything like it was a new external HDD.

I hope I explained everything clear enough (new laptop, old primary external drive and old My Book drive with backuped files - how to make SmartWare recognize the external HDD and files on it?).

Thank you in advance for your answers!


WD Smartware will not recognize the files in the external drive as a backup. Since you will be backing up on a new computer you will have to start a new back up for it.