[Q] Setting up a cloud server (without Java) on WD MyCloud?

As I use  Chromebooks  at home and at work I cannot access my MyCloud through the web (Java not allowed on Chromebooks). At home, ftp acccess works, but it IS very unhandy, clamsy.

So I am thinking about setting up a REAL cloud server (without Java) for my MyCloud; my home desktop PC is a  Linux  OS (Linux Mint 13).

Any advice on which web server solution (for Linux!) would be the best in my situation?

I have read about Pydio, Owncloud (both of them not tried yet) and Tonido (which I have tried, but it does not support network drives as my MyCloud)…

Any help/ advice would be welcome!

There are other post on the community that show alternatives like this one:


Please be advised that none of this methods are supported by WD.