{Q} My cloud not working properly

I bought My cloud #3 TB NAS 2 days back. When I got home, I was able to set it up and running without any problem. I also tried to install transmission as per one of the post and it also went on smoth. 

Suddenly i noticed that i could not see any of my folders within my cloud except for the smart ware folder (when i accessed using the windows explorer). But when i access the NAS using the My cloud app, i could see all folders. I tried factoring resetting withing the MY cloud dashboard and by pressing the pin but nothing is helping. I dont mind losing all the data that is withint he NAS, but want it back to work normally.

Can someone help me.

Do a quick restore from the dashboard > settings > utilties

i tried that and tried to set up the My cloud again but the set up utility listed few errors and said that WD customer service can fix it. Is there any other way i can get to the default setting?

I tried to flash the firmware again, but it said i dont have any space. I guess transmission was downloading and saving all the files to its system space. This could be the cause of all problems.