PXE-E61 Media Test failure on new WD10JPLX

Hi. I’ve been running a 2 month old 1TB WD10JPLX (black) on my Dell Precision m6600, windows 10 with no issues until today i have a boot issue: PXE-E61 MEDIA TEST FAILURE. PXE-M0F EXITING INTEL BOOT AGENT. I removed drive and tested it in a usb caddy. all looks fine with 3 windows partitions. Re installed the drive and fualt remains. Checked f12 boot set to internal drive. Replaced new WD drive with my old smaller origional drive that I replaced 2 months ago, and it boots fine into windows 10. Any suggestions please? could this be a drive issue?

It is recommended to run Complete Drive Test and Quick Tests to check the health of WD’s internal hard drive using Windows Data Lifeguard Diagnostic tool. If Fails, indicates drive has gone bad and need to check for data recovery if required.

Thanks for the advise. I ran the test today, and the drive passed the extended test without issues. I’m still unsure why the laptop suggests it cannot read from this drive. would a corruption of the OS on the disk cause this? ive had a bad os before and it always tries to boot, even if it never gets there.