Pvr to hdd

Hi I’m new so be gently

I own a Panasonic personal video recorder (PVR) model DMR-HW220 that is full of movies and shows that I want to transfer to my Western Digital MY BOOK T
For some reason I am unable to do it.
I contacted Panasonic and they told me PVR unit needs to register the HDD unit first than it will work and HDD needs to have between 160GB to 2TB of free space.
PVR will not register HDD and say not compatible and I tried half a dozen times and HDD has 1.8TB of free space.
PVR has its own power supply and the HDD also has its own power supply.
Can anyone help me on why I am unable to transfer contents fro PVR to my HDD unit.
Note I have a password on my HDD could that be a problem.
I can put password on thru my computer but I am unable to put it on the PVR as its not registering it.

You will need to confirm if your PVR supports network drives since your WD My Book Live Duo is an Ethernet device and behaves differently from USB hard drives. It also uses the Linux-based EXT3 file system as opposed to the standard FAT/NTFS file systems used by USB hard drives.