Putting old drives in a new My book live

My current Live Duo keeps failing to be recognised by my pc when I turn on - have to reboot the drive all the time. So am thinking of replacing the Live Duo with a new one (current one must be 5 years old). Can I use the drives from the current enclosure in a new enclosure - and if so, do I need to be aware of anything so as not to wipe all my data eg photos and music?

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Unfortunately, this is not possible without advanced SSH knowledge. This is because the operating system of the WD My Book Live Duo is kept within the drives and matched to the original enclosure’s controller.

The following guide will provide you with instructions on how to do it. However, please bear in mind this is a User-made guide and is not supported or warranted by Western Digital. If you are still interested, then please proceed at your own risk.


Maybe you can try to figure out what is wrong with your MBLD first.