Purchasing your upgraded operating system

I called the retailer, Best Buy, and told them that I was going to return the external hard drive because WD wanted to sell me the “upgraded” version of the operating system. He explained that the upgrade was not neccessary as it was just extra features.
I find that pretty cheap to sell me a machine and expect your customers to pay for an upgrade. Do ya need the money that bad?

Sorry but WD hasn’t done this and will never do this! All updates are for free, nobody has to pay for an update. This is simply not true.

Where in the world did you get this bogus info??

That’s interesting. The first place that I was directed to after signing on was a place to buy an upgraded version of “My Passport”. Yes, I am using the MY Book external drive but to want to sell me an upgrade, that is ridiculous.

Perhaps the registration ;lnk at WD has been hijacked by the Evil Empire. I will let a WD moderator know about this thread.

This was something called “Passport Plus”.
I kinda thought I was dealing with someone from Microsoft. They want to
charge everyone for staring out the window. Ha!


OK, I notified the forum moderator Bill_S about this thread, and this is what he wrote back to me:

Yeah, we saw it. And we’re looking into this as a possible fraud issue. We’re already having tech support contact the user. Thanks for the heads up.