Purchasing HD media player:: Is WD live a good option?


I am from India and interested in purchasing HD media player but is confused between Playon ( HD or HD mini) and WD live.

Can you please confirm why WD live would be a better choice instead of PlayOn HD media player.

Following is what I need from player:

  1. It should play all formats and it variant ( like normal MKV, HD MKV, blue ray rip etc.)
  2. Should have the subtitle support, which are readable and displayed clearly on screen.
  3. Could play radio and lot of videos from internet sites like youtube, megavideo etc. should also have the functionality to take control of internet stream like fast forward, rewind etc.
  4. Should be able to play videos/ music/ images (picasa) from my desktop computer wirelessly and flawlessly.
  5. Should be able to play from 2.5"/3.5" external HDD and pen drive.

With regard to point (4), I am curious to know how to setup wireless streaming of contents from PC to TV using media player. My desktop has windows XP and I have Samsung 29" flatron TV. Broadband connection is through MTNL with 512 kbps speed . Will this be ok to stream movies and other files from my desktop PC to TV wirelessly? Is there any step-by-step procedure to achieve it?

I will be going to Thailand. If I purchase WD media player there, will I be able to transfer it’s warrenty to India and how?

Please help …


#1>  There’s no such thing.  ALL Hardware-based media players will have limitations.

#2>  Yeah, it does that, but not for all alphabets and languages.

#3>   The Live  currently only has FLickr, Pandora, Live365, Youtube and MediaFly.

#4>  Like #1, there’s no such thing.  MINE works flawlessly for media I manage, but for people who like to download stuff, you WILL run into issues.  Regardless of whose player you choose.

#5>  Yes, it does that with supported USB-attached storage.

Best wireless results are achieved using N-band wireless on a non-busy network.   Your broadband speed is slow, so internet streaming is going to be iffy.

Can’t answer your questions about warranty.  You should download the manual and look in there for warranty information.

Thanks   TonyPh12345for your reply…

I do understand that every media player will have its limitations. With regard to wireless streaming, can I know what the procedure is…As I said my desktop has windows XP and I have Samsung 29" flatron TV.  If I get the higher spped broadband connection,  how will I setup wireless streaming from PC to TV.

Can I get to know the procedure to set up wireless streaming please? What other accessories I will need apart from desktop( windows XP), Samsung 29" flatron TV, WD Live and good internet speed to achieve it?

You’ll need a compatible adapter for the WDTV Live to do wireless.   The rest is described in the user manual.