Purchase movie and have it stored locally?

Sorry if this has been answered…

Is there a service that would allow a movie to be purchaced and downloaded to the Hub to allow playback without internet?  Not streamed like Vudu.  Similar to how itunes works, but playable on the hub? 

This would have been helpful on my last vacation.  I took the hub with me, but internet was too poor for streaming.  I was limited to what was already on the hub.


Not that I know of.

almost all of the servicesI know of require DRM, and thus aren’t playable on any unapproved players.

I currently have 122 movies on my Hub drive…With VUDU you still have to be connected to the net, but  only for DRM purposes…Downloads do not stream  from what I saw when I tried it…My router’s activity light only blinked once in a while…