Purchase advice for a small image archive (5-7 TB) with 2+ users

Hi, advice needed for a small database of digital images. Thank you all in advance:
Currently images (5-7TB) are being stored on several external hard drives. Only one PC can have access to it via USB cable.
What we need is a bit smarter solution where two or more PCs can access the archives. Seeking a olution that is fliexible and we can add more drives when needed.
We have no server or internal network.
Price is important.
Thanx again.

I hope you realize we are talking about the WD My Cloud here and the largest size it comes in is four terabytes.


You may want to visit the Fry’s Electronics site and look at what is available.

http://www.frys.com/  or do a Google search to see what you can find.


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Sorry, did not see a relevant group, any suggestions? Thanx

Build a small computer (or get an used one with SATA support, post 2007 should work and be affordable), install windows 7 or ubuntu and hook it to a router.

NAS are jokes.