Pulling drives from WD share space and using in usb housing

Hello, so as long as Ive had a WD share space (the 4tb) ive had problems with it, it always connects intermittently and after upgrading to windows 10 the only way I can get it to work is by accessing it threw a router. So im fed up with the share space and want to just pull the drives to use in an external housing. I tried that earlier, but my computer isn’t recognizing them (not the housing, I’ve used it fine with other drives). so my question is if I reformat the drives should they work, is there anything else I can try first, as I dont really have storage to keep the files somewhere else. The drive has about 2tb on it, and is striped so two drives should be pretty much empty, but I dont think I can format individual drives (please correct me if im wrong. thank you for reading this and for any help or insights you can provide.

remember, your External Enclosure must support 4TB HDD’s (or Higher)

i have a 4TB Internal Drive which did not work with ANY of my old Enclosures

Had to buy one that did (eg. this one) and also had to use NTFS / GPT Partitioning