Pulled out drives

Hello all,

If I’m posting this wrong I’m sorry just need to figure this out.
I have a WD device that had 4 WD red drives in it with the mirroring raid. Basically taking 2 discs and mirroring them across all 4 discs. I cant remember the raid number sorry.

To make a long story short, the drives were pulled from the NAS device when it was off. The drives are now plugged into a drive reader on a different PC.

I’ve tried to use the recalime software to recover and view the files with no success. Is there a way I can view these old drives that were pulled? I need quite a few files on them and theres probably about 6000 GB of files on them.

The NAS has new drives in it that were already formatted so these 2 drives, I would assume, cant be put back in to view the files.

Any help is appreciated.