Puis, pm2

How to disable PM2 (power management) on WD Serial ATA hard drives. PUIS parameter was software modified and because of a firmware bug, it can’t be undone.

I have to (all the time) boot the PC running a set of commands to wake up the device  ( wd firmware bug)

Power-up in standby…yeah right

Try CrystalDisk…

…and do what ? Nor crystaldisk or other software may help with this matter. I hoped I’d get a more professional help

Seems no “Professional” had viewed your post for past three weeks…

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To Contact WD for Technical Support

And I did contact them but they know about the issue and don’t have a fix…they just wash hands and propose to return the product into service. I’d do that but it’s out of warranty. That’s a big black ball for WD. I’ll stick to other brands