Public Software Folder Help

On my MBL 3tb, in the public folder there is the software folder that contains what I assume is the same stuff as what is on the DVD that comes in the box with the drive. Is it possible for me to either move this folder to a private share or delete it altogether??

You can do that if you want. Remember to keep your CD - or you will need to go to our website to download the software.

What puzzles me is that there are two copies of the WD Smartware software. One in the public folder and another in /var/www/Software. It’s possible to define a Samba share that is read-only that points to the /var/www/Software folder. I’m surprised that has not been done. Would remove the need to put a copy of the SmartWare software on the Public folder.

Thanks for the reply Tony, i have now moved the contents of the public software folder to a private software folder. Much better for me.