Public Share on My Book Live 3TB doesn't show files!

I accessed my files earlier today - but this evening when I tried to get into my Central Drive as I named it and access my Public Share folder - it does not show any of my files.

When I access my drive through IP and log in - it shows 1.9TB/3TB usage…and the WD SmartWare shows 65% is used.

Also, when I go to my computer and view the mapped network drive (My Book LIve) it shows 986 GB free of 2.71TB - So I double click on it and It shows me Shared Pictures, Shared Videos, Shared Music and a Software folder (also a .tickle file that is hidden) - each folder is empty.

I know there is data on the hard drive, I just can’t see it/access it! Is there anyway to refresh the Public Share folder or an extensive way for me to search this hard drive to find all my folders/files? All the files were previously listed directly in the Public Share folder…

Any help/guidance is greatly appreciated!

See if the following link helps. If the problem continues try power cycling the My Book Live.

Thanks for the information.

I already have the hidden files viewing which is why the .tickle file is showing in the Public Share - if I didn’t have it on then the .tickle file is not displayed.