Public share not mounting

I’m having a problem with my N900 Central recognising the public share on nthe hard drive. Sometinmes I have to perform a cold restart several times before the share is recognised. Otherwise I just get a Public folder of 0kb in size with just .nflc_data, .systemfile and .uploads folders.

Is there anything other than touch-and-go cold restarts I can do to restore access to the drive?

Have you tried powercycling the My Net? You can also try pressing the reset button on the bottom side for 10 seconds to restore all configurations back to factory default.

Yeah thats pretty much what I have to do, several times before it picks the Public share up again. Right now its working ok, but the next time the router does a reset (I’ve read that it does this from time to time) I’ll have to go through the routine again.

And I am loathe to do a factory reset as I have the router setup on the ip address as all my equipment has been configured to this subnet. Plus I have all my port forwarding etc setup.