Public Share Folders empty

I’ve recently backed up 40GB of files to my new MyBook Live 2TB unit.  However, none of these files are visible in the Public share folder.  The only folder with anything in it is the pre-loaded software folder.  Is there a simple explanation for this that I have missed? Many thanks.

Did you use Smartware?   If so, backup files are stored in a hidden partition that’s accessible only to Smartware.

Hi Tony, thanks for your reply.  I did use smartware yes.  How would I be able to access files via the network then or even remotely such as with wd 2go or wd photo?  Or would you suggest that I use the windows back up procedure?  Sorry if I’m asking obvious questions.

No, you’ll need to just copy the files over.

Backups are different.  Backups combine, compress, and encapsulate files into formats that aren’t readable by other applications.  Windows backup does the same thing.

Many people also use “SYNC” programs to accomplish the same thing, but leave the files in their original formats.

Thanks Tony, I’ll give it a go…