Public Share accessible on one PC, not another

I have two shares: one called Public has three folders. One called Archives has many folders. Both have identical Share Profiles – most important is that Public is turned ON.

From my Win 8.1 computer using file explorer I can Expand the Network tree and see the WD Ex4. I can expand that and see both of these folders (along with another that is not public and has password protection). All is good.

However, on my Windows 10 computer, using explorer and expanding Network in the tree does NOT show the Wd Ex4 in the tree but does show it in the window as a Media Device and also as a Storage Device. If I double click either I am brought to the dashboard log-in. I cannot find a way to get to the folder tree. Under This PC it also shows the WD (dif icon). If I double click that it opens a window showing the three folders that are part of the share called Public. It does NOT show the Archives folder.

How can I get explorer to show all the Shares that are set up as Public. Both computers are on the same network and in the same Workgroup and Homegroup.

As a test, I added a new Share called Temp and gave it the same Share Profile. Same result: I can see it from my Win 8.1 computer but not from the Win 10 computer.