Public record multiplies when I delete

hello, thank you for your help. I have mycloud EX4100, software version 2.31.149. I have a 4 TB disk in JBOD and 3 disk in raid 5. Everything is seen, but my problem is that it creates 2 public folder, I now understand that it creates this by volume. But I click on the least to remove and now I have 4 public folder and each time it multiplies the folder. There is really a bug in the bone. my nas is still guaranteed.

thank you


Might it work!

Deleting the WD Sync folder from a Cloud storage while having the WD Sync software running on synchronized client computers, will result in the deleted folder to automatically be recreated. However, before the recreation of the WD Sync folder, normal synchronization to client computer folders will occur, which results in file deletion on the client computers. Should this happen, depending on the number of synchronized files, some of the files on the client computers will not be retrievable.

follow this-
The WD Sync folder within the My Cloud shouldn’t be deleted unless all synced data is safely backed up in a separate and safe location. Once the synced data is backed up, the WD Sync folder may be deleted if necessary or desired.

Another solution is to terminate synchronization of any synchronized folders on all client computers prior to deleting the WD Sync folder on the My Cloud. This will prevent the WD Sync software from syncing the recreated empty folder to the client computers’ folders, causing them to become empty as well.