Public read-only share

hello how to set up a public share with read-only access? currently i see 2 options: - public - gives everyone full access - not public - requires username designation


We do not have this option available for the public share.

Will there be any chance of this being added to future firmware revisions? It was a feature on my old drive (MBW1) It seems a bit silly to have gotten rid of features that people are asking for and find handy. I’d like to have the functionality of putting all my videos for the family onto a public share so that anyone can view it without the fear that one of them might accidently (or not accidently) delete one of my favourite stored movies. It would be much easier than having to manually enter a username/password each and everytime I want to connect one of my less used devices to the network.

what are you actually try to accomplish? there is probably a methode to get there.

I created a user for each person in the house and an additional generic user for “read only” create a new share that you and possiably others can update and all the other users can read it. I have a couple of shares that my wife and I can update but the kids can only read.

if you want it for visitors either setup a user or just give them the generic user