Public Folder - public to just the network or the entire web? (My Book Live 2TB)

Apologies for the newb question.

I’m currently just using the public folder and then creating folders within it. Does this mean my data is visible to all those on the network (other users with blue cables plugged into their machines) but NOT everyone else in the world on the web?

I assume the data isn’t available on the web however if you right-click the Network Place created by the MB install CD (Win XP machine) the security tab shows ‘Everyone’ as a user with permissions set at ‘Special Permissions’. Clicking on the ‘Advance’ button shows these permissions being ‘Read & Execute’.

So I’m confused whether the drive is visible on the web to ‘Everyone’ surfing or just those users on the internal network. Newb question I know!

Thanks. Paul.

In most cases, no one on the Web will be able to access it.

But if your router is configured to forward SMB traffic to it, then they will be able to.

If you didn’t configure the router to do that, then it’s safe…

Thanks Tony, much appreciated. Yes, router was installed by another with no traffic forwarding from what I understand.

One other question: what is the best way to power down the MB? I only connect it every 3 months for backups then unplug it afterwards. So I don’t have the software installed (ie; system tray icon) and just unplug it at the rear.

I think you posted on this issue before - about not unplugging the drive power. Just after any ideas. Thanks again.

You can do it via the Web user interface; there’s a soft-button there to do a shutdown.

Thanks again Tony, much appreciated.

Yes, for any others, the Shut Down button is located under: Settiings > Utilities > Reboot / Shut Down