Public folder permitions to read and write with OMV5 on raspberry pi

Hi everyone,

I’m setting up my OMV 5 on my raspberry Pi 4 and i want to mount a shared folder from my WD CLOUD HOME NAS.

I did the following steps:

  1. install the remote mount plugin on OMV5

  2. On Remote mount option i did the following:
    Mount type: SMB/CIFS
    Server: (ip address from my WD CLOUD HOME NAS)
    Share: INBOX (the folder name that i want and exists on the public folder path: \\Public\INBOX)
    Username: Nothing here
    Password: Nothing here

  3. Shared folder tab added the device and folder

  4. SMB/CIFS tab i added the share:
    Public: Only Guests
    and Enable permission ineritance “yes” and everything else as default

My testing:
I can find the shared path on my windows machine but i dont have any permitions to create folders inside, etc.
I setup a portainer with qbitorrent with a stack and i setup the path for the download folders with the absolute path given from OMV5 and nothing happens
On my step 2 I tried to setup with different users and password created on OMV (example: admin, or jr) but i have the same issue.

I dont understand too much about networking but it seems to me that the issue here is some sort of permition on my WD CLOUD HOME NAS, with SMB/CIFS protocol or something like that.

Any help will be appreciated