Public folder missing after update

After a recent update I now have a Family folder, but the Public folder (that holds all my files) is missing all of a sudden. The files must all be still there, I guess, for I only have 58% disk space available. I wonder what has happened. How can I get my files back? Any help will be appreciated.

@twittwit4045 what do you mean “Public” folder is missing?
Screenshots will help

As you can see the My Cloud Home is present as disk Y: with only 58% available. But the Public folder is no longer to be found in the Windows Explorer. The Public folder has been there since I bought the My Cloud Home and I’ve put all of my backup files in it.

The Public Folder is accessible using Windows Samba and will be located under Network if you’re on Windows 10 and have SMBv1/CIFS enabled


Thank you. For some mysterious reason SMBv1/CIFS was disabled. Your tip saved my day!

What exactly is Windows Samba? is it a software?

@GeorgeEllis this will help answer your question.

@SBrown Thanks for the input, does WDC plan to update the My Cloud Home not to require SMBv1 which is “deprecated” and has “known security issues” according to Microsoft.

See where it reads:

Important We strongly recommend that you do not reinstall SMBv1. This is because this older protocol has known security issues regarding ransomware and other malware.


SMB1 is deprecated and should not be installed nor enabled. For more information, see


These devices are not likely running Windows. They are more likely running older versions of Linux, Samba, or other types of third-party software to provide SMB services. Often, these versions of Linux and Samba are, themselves, no longer supported.

Not feeling secure to enable such features to run a NAS…

SMBv1 is not required to access the My Cloud Home.
SMBv1 is required on Microsoft Windows 10 if you want to view and access any device SMB shares from Windows 10 File Explorer.

Isn’t it required to access the Public share? Suited for backups?

After updating to Windows 10 April Update (1803), Windows File Backup is no longer able to backup files. And when trying to browse to the Public share, when opening the MCH from File Explorer I run into a error dialog box proposing to diagnose the issue and finding none…