Public drive appears '3' times in My Computer; Cannot locate Backups and

I have had ongoing issues trying to understand WD smartware and the MyBookLiveDuo. I have had poor phone support with being told to uninstall smartware each time and reinstall it BUT this still does not assist me in finding where my backups are going to and why my safepoints is NOT updating and WHY I now show 3 of the same public drives in the My Computer screen.

Where to begin??

HOw can I get rid of smartware COMPLETELY and then reinstall like the first time - I am sure I was ORIGINALLY given the option of a pat for the backups - maybe not - but it seems familiar - I would like to be able to do this and create new setpoints etc.

Can someone walk me through a better approach and get me on an even track again?

Smartware will save the backup inside a hidden folder, you can access it manually through \mybooklive\smartware. If you have the my book mapped more than one time, to remove them right click and select disconnect. To select specific folder to backup follow the link below for the steps.

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Thanks for your assistnace.

I have a smartware folder  in my external drive that is attached to the MBLD.  called WD smartware.swstor  ( contains a back up date 27 July and is the files I selected earlier. But the one that apears on the  MBLD public ,  does not appear to have any back ups on it.

 I also get the error in Quickniew dashboard backups that the  safepoint I had organised to back up weekly ( cannot find whwre to change this now) is not been donne - failed / error in updating the safepoint the last 2 weks.

Smartware program run from the start window shows backups as copleted (except for the outlook.pst which always seem to happen later) -BUT I do not know where this BACKUP is - it is the same screens as per your link

Your continued help is appreciated