PSA: macOS Big Sur (11.0) is coming this fall


Public Service Announcement for WD MCH developers @WDStaff .

Please could you ensure MCH is ready on day one for macOS Big Sur when it comes out.

Documentation is scarce so far for non developers but it appears there are changes on several topics of interest for MCH.

First, there are changes for Time Machine, it appears that it supports APFS formatted drive / sparse bundle for saving as indicated here:
I guess only SMB will be supported. => please add Time Machine over SMB.

Kernel extensions are being deprecated so maybe you want to make sure WD Discovery still works ( Another solution could be to move to the FileProvider API.

Please let us know you have this taken care off to prevent the discontents from the two last years…

Best regards


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I doubt there will be any day one compatibility if we go off the way the last 2 Mac OS updates went.

Good message to the devs though, would have been nice for a reply. Any official stance @SBrown?

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