PS3 video and sound issue

Ok so I’ve had my 3TB MYBOOK LIVE for about a month now. I ripped a few DVD’s into an MP4 format so that I can stream them to my Wife’s Ipad and watch on my PS3. The problem is that I ripped the movie and cleaned up the file name (i.e., from 50_FIRST_DATES to 50 First Dates). The movies play fine on my wife’s Ipad and my computer. But when I see them on the PS3 it shows the original file name 50_FIRST_DATES and when I click on it will not play. If I don’t change the file name it plays fine, but there is a sound issue, see below.  I’ve rescanned and rebuilt my Twonky Server, but nothing. I have other MP4 files from previous thing that play just fine. Any help would be great.

Also with both AVI and MP4 I constantly have sound problems with my PS3, the sound becomes crackly and unable to understand. I thought it might be just bad rips but they sound fine on my computer and Ipad.

Is this a Twonky issue I’ve seen ways to upgade it but it scares me to brink the thing. I think WD needs to give us an easier option to upgrade Twonky.