PS3 - Twonky There are no files

Hi all

Very sorry if there is a similar thread to this but the current Twonky thread doesn’t answer my problems,

Had my PS3 hooked up to WD My Cloud for quite some time now (via wireless network)

All has been fine can play mp4 movies, Vob Movies and browse photos etc

Yesterday i turned on my PS3 and in the Videos list my cloud is visible but now it is called Twonky?

It’s never been called Twonky before and now I click on it and yes there are no files,

Checked dashboard - Streaming enabled, all files work on Laptop and Phone but not my PS3?

I even clicked Media Tab in setting and done the database rebuild option but still no titles.

Has this been caused by firmware upgrade or is there any help with this please?

Many thanks


If your My Cloud has done a Firmware update and things are not working as before. My suggestion, before trying anything else would be do a “System Only” restore. The procedure, either through the dasboard or “Power On”, is explained in the user manual … your data will still be intact.

Thanks for reply I shall try that first.

Wil post outcome