PS3 Media Server on MYBW - White Light?


I currently have a 1tb MYBW (Blue Rings) and have found out, the only way to stream my videos is to use a media server such as tversity or twonky and have it run on my laptop.

Can anyone tell me if the new version (white light) doesn’t need a laptop with media server software running to stream video. I have heard the drive itself has a media server pre-installed?

If true, is it pretty easy to setup?

I want a solution where I do not need to turn the laptop or pc on every time I want to watch a movie.

Also, what does everyone do when turning the nas off? I have my current drive for over a year and rarely turn it off - does the newew version have any good shutdown features?

Thanks for reading…

The My Book World (White Lights) has Twonky Media Server and iTunes.  Just like our other external drives it should go into sleep mode if it isn’t used for a while.  Like everything else, easy to set up is relative.

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Is there anyway of installing a media server onto the blue rings version?

is the white lights version a lot quicker than blue rings?

Thanks again

I saw some hacking instructions on another site that allowed a v ersion of Twonky to be installed on the Blue Light versions. Since it would be a “firmware” only upgrade and the Edition II (white light) units were already using it, i concluded that there must be some reason that WD didn’t provide that upgrade. I’m guessing that the blue light units may not have enough hoprse power to do a good job serving up media. I took advantage of the WD customer loyality program to upgrade from my 1 GB blue light to the 2 TB white light. Nice program. Gave me a price I couldn’t beat on the white light drive and I got to keep the blue light (with a deactivated warranty) unit. I got the 2 TB unit because there wasn’t an upgrade to a 1 TB white light. Pleasantly surprised, the 2 TB unit comes defaulted to a 1 TB mirrored drive. I  went ahead and ordered a matching WD Green 1 TB drive from NewEgg and put it on the shelf towards the day when i do have a xrive failure. So far I’m very peased with the white light and it’s twonky media server. Serves up video to my PS3 no problem.