PS3 and Advanced Format Issues (scorpio blue 500gb)

I just bought a scorpio blue 500gb that has advanced format i.e. 4k sectors and it is not working 

correctly with my PS3 slim with 4.75 firmware.

I believe it’s due to the advanced format tech used on the drive.

Symptoms are constant corruption, PS3 rebuilds the database often after a cold start.

very slow boot up sometimes, not everytime, but sometimes the drive indicator is solid for a long time and the screen

stays black, sometimes it won’t boot at all.

I put a older scorpio blue 320 from 2008 and all the symptoms went away.  The 500gb seems to work just fine in a USB enclosure when I format it on windows.

Is there something special that needs to be done to these advanced format drives for the PS3?


As a recommendation, check on the PS3 forums to see if they have any specific information about this. I haven’t seen any post about this on the community.