Proxy and My WD Cloud Application Upload Fails


I have MyCloudMirror 4TB at home. At my work place we use proxy. I can successfully connect to MyCloudMirror.

  1. Downloading files using My WD Cloud application works fine behind proxy.

  2. Uploading files does NOT work.

My Cloud Application:


WD Support,

Should I accept that “My WD Cloud” application DOES not support uploading behind proxy servers ?


Sameer Dhiman

Are you sure it’s not a proxy policy that’s forbidding upload?

I set up the proxy (squid on windows) everything is working http, https no issues with browsing since last year. But WD My Cloud is unable to upload. Does it require any specific port or protocol ?

It looks like application is not using system proxy settings while uploading. Same app uploads fine if I put it on NAT network.

Sorry I forgot to mention, Google Drive uploads fine behind the same proxy server.