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Thanks for the reminder – I had forgotten about it.
Sometime over the weekend, the device updated itself and is now running the latest beta. No problems with the beta – but then again, I didn’t really use it yet.


@bens9512 & @DAVID_KEOGH

Thank you for the information you have provided. I have created a BUG for this issue of not seeing the MPWP show up in Finder as a shared device after updating to 1.02.21

Can you both please let me know which Router / Network equipment you are using?
Is the issue reproducible on other network equipment?
What OS / Browser you are using on your PC to navigate to the MPWP?
Are you able to open the MPWP if you use the UNC or IP address of the MPWP?
If you roll back to 1.02.20 does this resolve the issue?

Thank you


On FW 1.02.21 Serial WX51A166YU0Y

Forum not letting me upload diagnostics. link to diagnostic file on onedrive

*** WiFi connection speed variable

I exclusively use 5GHz when connecting with phone or Surface Pro. I have been having trouble with connection speeds. Initial connection shows >> 400 Mbps, then drops down to 13Mbps.

Repeated power cycling does not seem to fix it.

And then, spontaneously it now connects at 350-430 Mbps.

So, sorry, not a repeatable error - but perhaps it will be reported by others and you will have some cumulative evidence…


*** SD Auto import has stopped working ***

Serial [Deleted - Privacy]
Log file!ArssupvbGEhCj_lSyBtKOXLCIwswhA
F/W 1.02.21

Hard drive light flickers. SD card shows up on network. No import takes place.
Repeated power cycling and toggling SD auto-import makes no difference.

Rod Laird



Thank you for the report, I have created a BUG to track this issue. Can you let me know what network equipment you are using and how you are determining the speed (what app / methodology)

What other active networks are in your area? Can you use an Wi-Fi Analyzer app to map out what other networks are in your current area that may be causing interference?

Did you see this issue on 1.02.20 as well?

What is the make/model (year) and OS version on your Surface Pro device?

What is the make/model/os of the “phone” you are using?

Any other information you feel would be helpful for us to reproduce and diagnose the issue?



@Roderick_Laird, @bens9512, @Gunyamate

I have created a BUG to track this issue of SD cards not mounting or importing in 1.02.21 – can you all please roll back to 1.02.20 and verify that the same SD cards are working with the older version?



The problem has occurred on all software version I have used. I am on Windows 10 using a TP Link network card on my computer and an intel dual band wireless AC 3165 on my laptop. I can access the dashboard from my web browser but can not access the files from file explorer. The problem persists between my laptop and computer. It appears to happen when the hard drive is left inactive for a period of time and when it wakes up all lights on the device flash before the device becomes inaccessible. A fix that I have find is formatting the system only and not the disk.


HI Richard,

The new File Check makes sense. but no prompt was given and the app does not display any errors. I have to go to the Admin web view to see that i have notification at the top of the page. But it would appear that the check is having issues. I find it hard to believe that every thumdrive (six total that day) all had file system errors. The message I received had no suggestions for actions to take. I transferred the photos off the thumb drive to the MPWP and the files were then transferred to my Drobo via my iMac and USB port. There is no evidence of any file corruption or issues with the files.

I’m using the Apple iPad Pro and I’ll investigate other web browsers for iOS. Not sure what I’ll find, but I doubt Apple allows Chrome or something similar on the App Store. Since I’m a heavy user, I’m not the battery will last from the time I’m in the field to getting home and trying to get my logs off with the iMac. I’ll see about a power supply for the MPWP.


I am using an Apple Airport Extreme, 6th Generation with FW 7.7.7.

I have been able to resolve my issue by changing the channel of my 5Ghz network. It appears the MPWP does not support all the 5Ghz channels available on the extreme. I found my network was on channel 136, the MPWP was on channel 153.

I checked the WiFi scan list the MPWP is seeing when connected directly to the MPWP’s network, I found I wasn’t able to see my 5Ghz network, the same I had used when I setup the MPWP when I received it. Im not sure if the channel changed since then or if the 1.02.21 made changes to the WiFi which caused the issue.

I was able to resolve the problem by changing my airport to channel 153, same as the MPWP was broadcasting, and my network showed up in the list again. When I selected it, it asked if I wanted to ‘forget’ the network… so it had not lost the networks information, but just couldn’t see it.

Is the issue reproducible on other network equipment? I tested with an airport express and did not see the issue. Ill have to check the channel settings when Im back at that network.

What OS / Browser you are using on your PC to navigate to the MPWP? Safari

Are you able to open the MPWP if you use the UNC or IP address of the MPWP? If I connect to the MPWP’s network, yes.

If you roll back to 1.02.20 does this resolve the issue? Unknown for me, David noted it worked for him however.


Yes, Ive been using the same SD Cards since 1.02.20 and they were working at that time.



Thank you for the detailed report and extra effort in finding the root cause. I have added your information to the BUG and will direct our QA department to do a complete channel scan to see what other channels may have been removed in .21 FW.

For anyone else with this issue, can you also verify what channel your Routers are set to?




It sounds like the MPWP is disabeling it’s SSID or losing connection to the home network. Can you verify the following:

After you have installed the BETA FW, please go to the Web Dashboard for your MPWP, and verify that the Wi-Fi Inactivity Settings are correct. Attach your PC directly to the MPWP Wi-Fi (not through a home network) Then, launch the Web Dashboard, go to the Wi-Fi tab, click on the Edit button in the middle panel, in the Access Point Settings, click on Advanced. then verify that the Wi-Fi Inactivity setting is set to NEVER.

That will ensure that the MPWP will always be broadcasting it’s SSID so you can auto-reconnect to it when your devices are within range of each other.

Also verify that the Wi-Fi Auto Reconnect is set to Always, this will ensure that the MPWP always reconnects to the home network when in range




Thank you for the extra information, to be safe, can you plug the MPWP into your Mac (when you get home) launch Disk Utility and then run a First Aid on the partition to be sure?

Let me know if that comes back with any errors. I’ll also ask our QA group to run some additional tests on 1.02.21 with various thumb-drives to see if they can replicate the same FSC issues that you are seeing. I’ll work with the Program Manger to see if we can improve the message that gets generated in the Web Dashboard as well.



@Roderick_Laird, @bens9512, @Gunyamate

We have found the root of this issue, it will be addressed in the next release 1.02.22




Thank you again for the detailed report, it appears that your Airport Extreme chose a DFS channel (136) during a channel scan event. Our device does not support DFS channels (802.11y) and as such was unable to reconnect to the home network. I do find it strange that the Wi-Fi LED on the MPWP did not flash to indicate that it had lost connection, I’ll have that issue looked into.

If you need more information regarding DFS see this Apple article:



WD Hardware Information:

  • Firmware: 1.02.21
  • Serial Number: ??

PC Hardware Information:

  • Make and Model: Microsoft Surface Pro 4
  • OS: Windows 10, Build 1607, 64-bit
  • Version: 14393.447
  • Processor: Intel i5-6300U, 2.5GHz
  • RAM: 16GB

Method of Verification:

  • I am accessing my computers Network and Sharing Center and viewing the WiFi Status pop-up to monitor connectivity, SSID, Duration, and speed.

I can confirm speed variations regarding WiFi connection speeds.

At 5 GHz - When I connected to the device I had a peak speed of about 433 Mbps, within several minutes it would drop to 26 Mbps. The device would then go up and down hitting various speeds between the above stated hi and low holding at each for about 20 to 45 seconds.

As an additional note this result can be irregularly repeated (~75% of the time). When I switched to the 2.4 speed and back, although it did take some time, the same speed variation occurred although it held each speed a little longer. If I disconnected the device and let it run and then reconnected to it again the speed variation would continue but as before the device would hold each speed for a greater amount of time. When the device would switch it hold any given speed for about 3-10 minutes.

At 2.4 GHz - When I connected to the device I had a peak speed of about 72 Mbps and it appears to maintain that speed with no variation.


Wonderful! The whole point of beta programs of course…


Rod Laird


@MMCPARTLAND, @Roderick_Laird

Thank you, I have added the additional information and logs to the BUG.



Okay Everyone I think I found something new. I am having trouble transferring any data from both my Desktop and Microsoft Surface while the device is connected to my gateway and network.

Please find below all information regarding the issue.

WD Wireless Pro Hardware Information:

  • Firmware: 1.02.21
  • Serial Number: ??

PC (1) Hardware Information:

  • Make and Model: Homebuilt PC
  • OS: Windows 10, Build 1607, 64-bit
  • Version: 14393.447
  • Processor: AMD Phenom II X6 1090T, 3.2GHz
  • RAM: 16GB

PC (2) Hardware Information:

  • Make and Model: Microsoft Surface Pro 4
  • OS: Windows 10, Build 1607, 64-bit
  • Version: 14393.447
  • Processor: Intel i5-6300U, 2.5GHz
  • RAM: 16GB

Gateway Information:

  • Make and Model: AT&T Uverse, Model 5268ACFXN
  • Available Speeds: 2.5 Ghz, and 5Ghz
  • Connection: My default connection with device is at 5 Ghz

Identified Issue:

  • When attempting to transfer any file; video, music, image, and documents the device will not allow the transfer while it is connected via WiFi to my gateway and network.
    ----- ----- If I right click on the original file and select copy followed by right click on the device directory I do not get the option to paste.
    ----- ----- If I drag the file from the original location to the device a small red circle with a slash through it appears in the lower right corner of the file and I am unable to transfer the file
    ----- ----- If I use Ctrl+C (copy) the original file and attempt Ctrl+V (paste) the file will not transfer.
  • In all cases there is no error report or pop-up.

Troubleshooting Methods Taken:

  • Rebooting the device via the Passport UI Dashboard (no effect)
  • Switching WiFi connection from Network to local machine and back (no effect)
  • Scanning drive for errors (none found) (no effect)
  • Factory reset of device (no effect)

Additional Information:

  • If I connect a hardline from the device to one of my PC’s it will allow file transfers of all types.
  • Device is detectable and accessible by both PC’s via the network, just cannot transfer files.


Running 1.02.21 and I am not experiencing this issue. I am using OS X on an iMAC/MacBook Pro.