Provide adequate support to customers by Western Digital

For such a Large International Company such as WD Reputation should be foremost in the Company’s work ethic and with the number of complaints regarding lack of support or no support whatsoever and the length of time taken to even reply to a customer or replace their faulty drives is unacceptable.

A proper support network to complement their brilliant product range should be crucial for the enhancement of the Company to greater heights. There are many other Companies that provide similar products and WD should ensure that they do not drive their customers away by poor support services.

Dude, but at least say what is really the problem, no company is perfect but speaking for myself I have had a good customer service experience with WD, so it would be nice to know what happened in your case.

Dear Friend,

The problem is that the support portal is invisble in Australia. No customer can view the support portal to even check the status of their RMA. No reply is received to emails sent requesting information. I had good experiences in the past too like yourself but from my current experience and from the numerous complaints logged on the forum it is obvious that something is not right in Malaysia and some tweaking is necessary to bring WD back to its former glory. The main problem seems to be the lack of communication by WD with its customers and the deadly silence which is deafening. Everytime I make a post all I receive is a notice saying your product has been registered!! 

Cheers and thanks for taking the time to respond.

We are looking into this.