Provide Access to the System Logs from the GUI

Provide the Admin user with access to the logs from the GUI.  This will allow folks to debug a lot of the issues that we see in the WD Community without having to learn how to use the command line.  I love to use the command line, but many others do not.


Yes - and with a GUI capability of issuing the equivalent of head, tail and grep -A/-B/-C and regex searching options would be very useful.

Would be great to have in EX2 as well.


Maybe this is a different “system log” than what you are requesting, but the EX2 provides the ability to view the system log from the Admin Dashboard  (Settings/Utilities).

kattmandu - this is a recent feature added to EX2/EX4/Mirror’s dashboard - it was not available in earlier firmware versions. But thank you for bringing it to our attention.