Pros/Cons of My Book Live

Just bought a WDTV and thinking of getting a 2Tb My Book Live.  My questions is, how will this improve my experience?  I currently stream movies, music and photos from a dedicated PC running Win XP. 

For a start you will not have to turn on your pc in order to stream music / movies etc.

Thanks for the reply.

It’s more the experience with the WDTV that I’m interested in.  Currently, I just access a network share from Windows so it’s fast, reliable and new stuff appears instantly, but I have to navigate through a folder hierarchy to get to what I want.  I’m guessing a My Book Live with a built-in media server will alleviate this issue?  On the downside, I’ve read a few posts where people are complaining that it’s slow to compile??  Is this every time I switch it on?  When I add new media?  Or just the first time it’s run??..I’m guessing there are advantages with regards to metadata too…?