Property Loss during copy

I just got a WD MyBookLive and have been transferring files over to it from a WD Passport HD.  I copied a large number of images and videos. All the photos and most of the videos copied ok… however, there were about 20 videos that displayed a warning message:


I opted to copy the files without the properties, then compared the copied files’ properties with those of the files on the Passport drive, and could not see any difference other than the path names and some file dates.

So the number one question is: what are these properties that did not get copied, and is it important?

  1. Why were only these 20 or so videos (out of hundreds) flagged with a copy warning?  The videos are all home videos taken with a Canon Powershot camera in video mode… other similar videos were successfully copied.

  2. And lastly, a sort of generic windows question: when copying a large number of files with Windows 7, errors are accumulated until the end, and then are displayed to the user. Is there any log file that contains the names of the files that failed to copy?

It’s nothing to worry about.  It’s just warning you that there are one or more NTFS specific file attributes that aren’t supported by a NAS.

Thanks for taking the time to reply